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The agency

Gold Reputation is a communication agency specializing in content creation, image management and digital strategy support for sports professionals. We support and we create content for athletes, sports clubs and brands to allow them to communicate regularly and enter into the daily lives of their audiences.

Our Mission

Increase the visibility of sports professionals.

In an increasingly connected world, communication in sport no longer boils down to sporting events.
As professional athletes or clubs, it is essential to keep in touch with your fans outside of meetings. It is then necessary to maintain and develop it.

Not always easy to learn, especially when you have sudden visibility.
Social networks are essential for an athlete today, as long as they are managed professionally, just like a brand, just like their career.

Yes, an athlete today is a brand in its own right. Just like a club that must create its identity in order to communicate.

Our mission is therefore to support the athlete in the design of his Personal Branding and in its implementation with the aim of increasing his notoriety, his media resonance, etc.
This is why we support female and male athletes, hopefuls and confirmed, wishing to benefit from a professional image that will correspond to the requirements placed in their daily training.

Our services

Content creation

Photo / Video / 360° / Drone / FPV / Design

Social Media 

Support / Training / Management / Community Management / Live

Press Relation & Media

PR / Media Training

Custom tools

Website / Press Book


Athletes / Clubs & Brands relationship

Our team

Aurélien SEGUIN (Gold Reputation)

Aurélien SEGUIN

Communication manager

“Trainer and specialist in digital strategy,
I put my knowledge at the service of our clients to make the most of their presence on the internet and social media.”

Mourad EL KHIR

Mourad EL KHIR

Athlete relationship

“Professional basketball player for 15 years, I have made professional athletes aware of the importance of building and maintaining professional communication.”

Hugo SEGUIN (Gold Reputation)


Head of creation

“Photographer and videographer passionate about sport and his world, I bring my touch to the project entrusted to me. I am 100% involved in creating original content.”

Jordan HICKS (Gold Reputation)

Jordan HICKS

Project management

“Basketball player for 10 years, alumni of Loyola University (Chicago). My experience and knowledge allow me to support digital strategy projects.”

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